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Trusted Residential Electrician for Your Home

If you are planning on renovations, new installs or any other alterations to your home, you need to hire a residential electrician. Hiring a professional ensures the work has been done safely and to a high standard. Electrical work must be certified by a licenced electrical contractor.

What You Gain By Hiring a Domestic Electrician

As a National Electrical and Communications Association member, you can depend on us to deliver high-quality work in a domestic setting.

  • Safety. Working with electricity is dangerous. Unlicensed electrical work is not only illegal but potentially life threatening, and will almost certainly void the insurance on your home. Hiring a professional electrician will ensure that your job is done safely, tested thoroughly and certified.

  • Electrical Faults. Faults can be unsafe, costly and inconvenient. Faults left and ignored can often lead to other serious issues such as electric shock, damage to equipment and appliances or electrical fires in your home or switchboard.

  • Certification. The electrical industry is a highly regulated one. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a fully qualified, licenced and insured professional who will do the job correctly and provide you with all necessary certification at the completion of the job.


Whatever electrical requirements you have on your property from the Margaret River to Bunbury, there’s one team you can rely on for excellent workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly service of the highest quality. Our team is available for any electrical job, regardless of the size.

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