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Industrial Electricians to Take Care of Your Plant

Industrial electricians play a crucial role in maintaining and upgrading the equipment of an operation to ensure it’s working efficiently and correctly. Sudden breakdowns can have large financial implications.  


Brendon May Electrical is the best place to start when you need a professional to keep your operations functional.

What to Expect From an Instrumentation Electrician

Industrial electricians have an increased understanding of industrial electrical machinery and equipment, sensors, control processes and systems, monitoring, automation, maintenance and much more.

  • Upgrading or installing new equipment. Ensure any new equipment is installed correctly, safely and meets all necessary requirements. Electrical apparatus may need to be optimized to suit a particular application depending on the individual process and specific needs of the customer. This may be for financial benefit, productivity, energy efficiency or other reasons.

  • Repairing electrical systems. No matter your maintenance schedule, breakdowns are often possible and always inconvenient. Our team can assist and get your operation back up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • An in-depth explanation of the diagnosis. Once the fault has been diagnosed and confirmed, we will provide an explanation as to the cause and how to prevent it in the future, as well as options for repair and the associated costs and timeframes.

  • Planned maintenance. It’s recommended to create and implement a maintenance or shutdown schedule so you can plan when equipment is down and minimize downtime. This may be as simple as doing inspections or testing more critical components in the process. It may also include replacing hardwearing parts before they break down.


Our friendly team can assist with improving productivity, increasing safety, extending the lifespan of equipment, automating processes, plant maintenance, and fault diagnosis/rectification. We can provide industrial solutions for applications big and small.

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